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What Ace Of Freights Can Do For You


Secure Load Booking

We find you the best load with the highest pay, and we assist you or your driver with all the information you need to pick up and drop off your freight.


Rate Confirmation

Our trucking operation is keeping America moving and keeping our society functioning at its best. This is why you deserve the best rates possible for every trucking and logistics job you take on.


Handles all Paperwork

We understand what is required, as well as why it’s required and who needs to see it. When we prepare, file, and manage trucking documentation, we are diligent, accurate, and ensure that everything that needs to be in the paperwork is there


Managing Motor Carrier Compliance

There is very little room to maneuver when it comes to compliance. The trucking industry is regulated carefully and precisely, and this is done for good reason — to protect the rights of drivers and of clients and to ensure the safety of everyone on the road

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